» » Spy Crista Leonard Signature Bias Goggles - Women's

Spy Crista Leonard Signature Bias Goggles - Women's

Spy Crista Leonard Signature Bias Goggles - Women's
Spy Crista Leonard Signature Bias Goggles - Women's
The sleek profile of the Spy Crista Leonard Signature Bias Goggles were designed for smaller faces with elegant design details. These goggles feature a 6-base ARC® spherical lens with anti-fog and anti-scratch protection, Scoop® ventilation system to reduce lens fogging, triple later Isotron™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™, and a dual-adjustment, silicone-ribbed strap with a quick-release strap buckle. With Crista Leonard's artistic touch, this goggle embodies all the subtlety and splendor present in mountain life. Clearly Spy did not leave out anything when designing these women's goggles. They may be small but the Spy Bias Goggles pack huge punch.
Flexible Frames - A polyurethane frame flex perfectly matches any face no matter what the temperature is.
6-base ARC® Spherical Lens - A spherical dual-lens system that has a consistent vertical and horizontal curve in the lens, maximizing multiple fields of view. It is decentered (thicker in the middle and tapered towards the edges), eliminating distortion and allowing true clarity.
Anti-Fog - A super secret anti-fog formula keeps your lenses as clear as possible throughout the day. Like a good ninja, the anti-fog stays invisible but fights for you at all times.
100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection
Scoop® Ventilation System - Dramatically reducing lens fogging by promoting airflow behind the lens, the Scoop® system forces air through strategically placed vents of varying aperture on the goggle frame to shut down fog. Your vision will thank you.
Silicone Ribbed Strap - Designed to keep your goggles in place, this thin strip of silicone on Spy's strap goes the distance.
Pivoting strap-clip system ensures a comfortable fit, with or without a helmet.
Dual adjustment with quick-release strap buckle
Face Foam
Triple Layer Istron™ Face Foam - Made of three different densities, each one adding to the comfort and functionality of the goggles, you'll wish you had a bed of this stuff to sleep on. The topmost layer features Spy's moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece - super soft and comfortable, this fleece wicks the sweat away from your face and out through the foam.
Frame Size: Small
Lens Type: Spherical
Helmet Compatible: No
Series: Spy Plus

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